SAN SOUCI SHOWDOWN is a 42 minute short film about a girl, a boy, a corpse, some stolen diamonds and a slew of criminals. The second film from from the Blount Force Trauma film collective, it follows a cast of cutthroat characters who invade a small-town funeral home.

In the rural eastern North Carolina town of San Souci, a struggling college student named Ruby (Sasha Morfaw) must work nights in a funeral home to scrape together enough savings to attend medical school. When a thief named Hooper (Rob Priester) arrives in the middle of the night looking for Zeck (James Gaslight), one of the funeral home’s latest clients, Fate intervenes and Hooper and Ruby soon become more well-acquainted than either would have planned.

With a growing menagerie of dangerous criminals hot on Hooper’s heels, Ruby must trust the desperate thief if she wants to get out of the funeral home alive.

Filmed in Raleigh, NC, San Souci Showdown is Writer/Director N.C. Jones’ first film.

San Souci Showdown is available for festival screenings, distribution and broadcast. Contact us for more information.




The script for SAN SOUCI SHOWDOWN received an Honorable Mention in the short screenwriting competition at the Emerald Eye Film Festival. Filming was completed in 2010 and the project is currently in post-production.